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Kingston’s 9/11 Project

Twenty years ago, Hope Burke was an 18-year-old medical assistant working near the World Trade Center when the second plane hit. She saw things she never should’ve seen.

Not until she read Karen Kingsbury’s book, One Tuesday Morning did Hope finally and fully find peace. Peace with God and peace with the events of that terrible day.

But this is not about Hope Burke.
It is about her son, Kingston.

By the time Kingston was 5, he understood how much “One Tuesday Morning” meant to his mother. That year he used his birthday money to purchase five copies. He stuck a handwritten note in each book that read, “My name is Kingston. Please accept this gift. I used my own money for it. I hope it touches you and you know how much Jesus loves you. He told me to give this one to you.”

Then he handed the books out to five people who “looked like they could use a little extra love.”

Young Kingston Burke
Fdny Kingston Burke

After that, Kingston’s “One Tuesday Morning” project, as he calls it, became a tradition, and over the years, readers like you got involved.

Last year Kingston handed out his 4,000th copy of the book.

This year – on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 – will be Kingston’s 10th year to hand out copies of “One Tuesday Morning” at Ground Zero. So we at Landmark Booksellers wanted to help!

If you’d like to buy a book for Kingston’s “One Tuesday Morning” Project, you can do so at a special price through July 31. Every book will give you four chances at a quilt, pictured here, made of special NYC first responder T-shirts. Karen Kingsbury will announce the winner through her newsletter in mid-August. Signup for her newsletter at KarenKingsbury.com

We will take care of shipping your books straight to Kingston.

Thank you for believing in the love of this very special boy.

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Quilt One Tuesday Morning