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Would you like to book an author event at Landmark?

We’d love to have you. Please view the details on this page and fill out the form to proceed.

The Basic Event Package

  • The event fee is $250.*
  • All sales at the event will be split 60/40, meaning you will get 60% and Landmark 40%.
  • You will be responsible for providing the books for the event.**
  • Children’s readings on Saturdays don’t have the fee.

What’s Included:

  • Printed Poster (Your name, book, description of book, headshot, Time, Date and Location of event)
  • Social media posts (Facebook event, Instagram post + stories)
  • Event highlight it in our newsletter (8,000+ subscribers).
  • Advertisement within 3 local Franklin groups and on our website
  • Tables + tablecloths for food and beverages you may bring
  • Microphone + speaker

This split, along with the fee helps us cover everything from staffing, event promotion and materials, coordination and all other resources. We do our best to make events a success for everyone!

Once we finalize the details for your event, we will add your book to our inventory system and make it available for purchase on our website.

In some cases, we may order one case of books for the event. You will be responsible for ordering any additional books. If any of the books we order do not sell, you will be required to purchase them at our wholesale cost at the end of the event.

It can be difficult to determine how many books to order for an event. One way to get an accurate estimate is to encourage people to reserve their copy of the book in advance. They can do this by ordering the book on our website or over the phone. They can then pick up their book at the event.

Types of Events

Landmark weekly reports sales to The NY Times, so you can be assured your pre-orders, event sales, and post-event sales will all be recorded and properly submitted.

Book Signing
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Local Event
Karen Kingsbury Event
Brad Thor Pre Orders
Children’s Event
Childrens Room Event

Sell Books at Your Event

We can handle all the book sales at your event in the Nashville area, so you can focus on creating a great experience for your attendees. Here’s what you get:

  • Increased Sales: Our team will manage book sales and transactions, allowing you to connect with more attendees.
  • Simplified Event Management: No need to worry about handling cash or credit cards at your event.
  • Profit Sharing: Keep 60% of all book sales, while Landmark takes care of the transaction fees.

Cost: $450

Fill out the form below to get in touch with Anna Sachs, our Events Coordinator.

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