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Would you like to book an author event at Landmark?

We’d love to have you. Please view the details on this page and fill out the form to proceed.

How it works:

  • The event fee is $150.
  • You will receive 100% of the sales up to $150.
  • After we break past $150, then we’ll move to a 60/40 split, with you getting 60%, us 40%.
  • You’ll be responsible for providing the books for the event.

As soon as we finalize the details for your event, we’ll get your book in our inventory and available on our website (if it isn’t already in our system).

It can be tricky to figure out how many books to order for an event, but one way to help get an accurate number is to encourage people to reserve their copy ahead of time, by ordering the book on our website or over the phone, and they can get their book at the event.

Option A: The easiest/most straight forward/preferred option is for authors to bring their own supply of books. If you choose Option A, you will receive 100% of sales until you recoup your $150, and then you’ll receive 60% of all sales over $150.

Option B: Landmark Booksellers will supply a limited number of copies of your book for the event. If you believe we will need more copies on hand for the event you can bring some of your own stock for us to sell through, but we will sell through our stock first, and you won’t receive any share of the profit until we sell out of our supply and move on to your supply, at which point the 60/40% split begins.

Option C: Similar to Option B, Landmark Booksellers will supply a limited number of copies of your book for the event. If you believe we need more copies on hand, then we will order additional copies, but the author is responsible for buying any remaining copies from us after the event ends at the same rate we received from the publisher or Ingram.

Although the event itself may be fairly straightforward, there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes for a book signing. Coordinating, promoting, and hosting an event takes a significant amount of time, and the $150 fee helps us cover that expense and focus on authors who are serious about their own success, ensuring we can continue hosting such events moving forward.

Types of Events

Landmark weekly reports sales to The NY Times, so you can be assured your pre-orders, event sales, and post-event sales will all be recorded and properly submitted.

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