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Author: Coach Mickey Marley


Game Ready unlocks the tools every player, on and off the field, needs to achieve success. Whether your coaching and training athletes or leading a dynamic team in business, Coach Mickey Marley has cleverly distilled the key components for everyday victory into what he calls 52 Takeaways for Winning. Short, concise, and practical, every Takeaway addresses the pitfalls that stand in the way of coaches or leaders creating a successful team. In this book, team members will hear the distinct voice of a former player who became a respected coach, a voice they will want to take into their future endeavors. In Takeaway #30, “No Excuses,” Marley challenges readers in his no nonsense-style to take responsibility for their performance. In Takeaway #46, he candidly captures every player and coach’s surest road to defeat as he urges maintaining a healthy self-worth in “Don’t Beat Yourself.” His passion for the game of football is the thread that weaves his spirited essays, from Takeaway #38, “Football, the Great Equalizer” to Takeaway #24, “God, Family, Football.” Crafted for men and women, players and coaches, and anyone who truly desires to succeed in their chosen field, Game Ready offers real opportunity for personal growth using lifelong principles too often overlooked. Coach Marley is a native son of Tennessee with a keen understanding of people and what motivates them to excel. Game Ready is his first book.

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