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Author: Karen Kingsbury

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Releases April 26, 2022.

A sweeping and unforgettable World War II love story about a young woman torn between two brothers.

Category: Karen Kingsbury
Attributes: First Edition, Hardcover, Signed

In 1941, beautiful Irvel Ellis is too focused on her secret to take much notice in the war raging overseas. She’s dating Sam but in love with his brother, Hank, and Irvel has no idea how to break the news when the unthinkable happens—Pearl Harbor is attacked. With their lives turned upside down overnight, Sam is drafted, and Hank wants to enlist. But Sam insists Hank stay home, where he and Irvel take up the battle on the home front.

While Sam fights in Europe, an undeniable chemistry builds between Irvel and Hank but neither would dare cross that line. Then a telegram comes, and the news is devastating. Hank enlists the next day and has just two weeks until he ships out. Will either brother make it home alive? Or will Irvel lose everything?

And can love find a way, even from the ashes of the greatest heartbreak?

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