Redwoods and Whales (signed)

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Author: Phil Joel
Reason for Suggesting Book: Newsboys bassist Phil Joel writes about how our flawed view/perception of God can negatively impact our reaction to Him and the choices we make, creating a cycle that can be difficult to break out of. Redwoods and Whales is full of funny stories,a helpful metaphors, and practical tips. The book is geared toward students, but it's a great read and encouraging reminder for everyone!
Category: Ashley Adcox
Attributes: Paperback

Who are we . . . really? As depression, addiction, and suicide become more commonplace in today’s culture, it seems we have lost sight of who we actually are. Like a whale on a beach, too many of us are finding ourselves breathing shallow, feeling stranded, and alone.

The truth is we can cut free from the things that hold us back if we can catch a clear vision of the truecharacter of God. And, like a mighty redwood tree, we can choose to live healthy lives filled with purpose, rising confidently above the chaos.

As we choose to align our hearts and minds with the truth, we will discover that maybe God isn’t exactly who we thought He was — maybe life with Him is a whole lot bigger and more exciting than we ever imagined.

Redwoods and Whales will give you the tools you need to help push aside the things that entangle, and grab hold of the life you were born to live.

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