The Leas and Lealand

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Author: Sally Lea Nance

The Leas and Lealand is a multi-generational family story illustrated by archival photography and sharpened by the details only brought forward through solid research and reflection.

Category: Local Authors, Sally Lea Nance
Attributes: Paperback

Sally Lea Nance is a sixth generation Tennessean and descendant of one of Nashville’s earliest families. Local history is delivered through the lens of an heir who sees beyond the present landscape to an earlier time when her great-great-grandfather and mayor of Nashville, John McCormick Lea, established Lealand between Franklin Road and Granny White Pike. Together with researcher, historian, and five generation Tennessean Ashley White, Nance has graciously penned a story that peels away the layers of modern suburban growth in search of the truest Nashville.

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