Town Lawe (Signed)

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Author: Bruno Pirecki

This is a Signed Copy

“Our path is straight, yet it is made up of corners. It was designed this way, so the splendor unfolds only in glimpses.” So says Chilok, a tribal wise woman and mystic whom Townsend Lawe has known all his life. Town is a precocious boy growing up in Pole Pass, Idaho, a sleepy mountain hamlet rich in mining history, native lore, and secrets buried since its foundation. Accomplished in academics and the tribal traditions handed down from his ancestors, Town finds peace deep in the forest and in his schoolwork. But while away at college, he begins to explore the mysteries of his deceased mother’s past, and his sleuthing leads to a little-known off-campus institution in Princeton, New Jersey, where a shocking discovery exposes the sins of his hometown’s founding families. In the process, he experiences the wisdom of Chilok firsthand and opens an ancient truth that reveals a glimpse of what lies beyond . . .

Category: Bruno Pirecki
Attributes: Paperback, Signed