Two Weeks

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Author: Karen Kingsbury

Three couples. One baby. And all of life hanging on a single choice. Your life can change in two weeks.

Category: Fiction, Karen Kingsbury
Attributes: Hardcover, Paperback

Couple One:
Cole Baxter Blake is about to graduate from high school when he meets Elise, a girl who captivates him and turns his world upside down. But Elise has a dark secret. And when she learns she is pregnant, Cole will do anything to stand by her.

Couple Two:
In their mid-thirties, both work with babies at Bloomington Hospital. But the crib at home is empty. All they’ve ever wanted was a child to call their own.

Couple Three:
They spent their younger days taking in foster babies. Now their beautiful teenage daughter wants her parents to foster again. Then tragedy strikes and the devastation is greater than anything these parents could’ve imagined.

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