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Brenda Novak Banned Books Club
Book Signing
Wed, Sep 25 | 6:00pm

Brenda Novak

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New York Times bestselling author Brenda Novak returns this summer with a story of two sisters—one a free spirit at the helm of a rebellious book club, the other a conventional woman locked in the clutches of an unhappy marriage—who are forced into a reluctant reunion by their mother’s illness and must confront past ghosts that rock their entire community.

Gia Rossi was a rebellious teen, never backing down from a fight, and even starting a Banned Books Club after the PTA overzealously slashed the high school reading list. But there’s one fight that still haunts her to this day: when she accused her onetime favorite teacher, Mr. Hart, of sexual misconduct, the residents of Wakefield, Iowa were divided over the accusations and Gia fled the town to start over where nobody knew her past.

Now, Gia’s sister Margot is begging her to come home help care for their ailing mother, and Gia knows she has no choice. Ever since Gia’s departure, Margot has borne the brunt of their mother’s care, and now it’s Gia’s turn to help…even if it means opening old wounds. When Margot leaves town without explanation, Gia sees the cracks in her sister’s “perfect” life for the first time and plans to offer support. But as the town, including members of the book club, take sides between Gia and Mr. Hart, everything gets harder. Fortunately, she learns that there are people she can depend on. And by standing up for the truth, she finds love and a future in the town she thought had rejected her.


“Novak elevates mystery elements that will appeal to readers of Colleen Hoover.” —Booklist on Tourist

“The Bookstore on the Beach is a page-turner with a deep heart. You’ll cheer for these admirable, complicated women. You’ll be breathless (and smiling) when you read the surprising end. (Don’t peek!)”—Nancy Thayer, New York Times bestselling author of Girls of Summer

“Novak handles difficult topics with sensitivity, making for a heart-tugging romance. Readers are sure to be sucked in.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review, on The Bookstore on the Beach

“Filled with mystery and drama, coupled with themes of family ties and secrets. This page-turner will not disappoint.”—Booklist

“The prose is fast-paced and exciting making this a breathless page-turner with the conclusion proving no problems are too difficult to solve.”—New York Journal of Books, on The Bookstore on the Beach “An abundance of heart and humor. The Bookstore on the Beach is an escapist treat with emotional heft.”—Apple Books, Best Book of the Month selection

Signe Pike (Moderated by J.T. Ellison)
Heather Morris