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Maury Miller III has had a longstanding interest in archaeology/anthropology since his youth. He has led archaeological journey’s throughout the Big Harpeth River Valley of Middle Tennessee for the last 25 plus years, showcasing aboriginal artifacts from the disparate sites.

Maury graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Earth Science from the Geology Department and a degree in History from the History Department. His studies included numerous courses in archaeology and anthropology.

Since the 1970’s, the author has given archaeological presentations and installed archaeological/anthropological displays at public libraries and Tennessee State Parks to bring American Indian awareness to individuals of all ages in order to give glimpses into the material remnants of past cultures as lived in the local environs.

The biggest reason for writing this book is to present the truth to the best of my ability about the Remnants of America’s Southeast Aboriginals, to dispel the myths, and to expose the forgeries so prevalent in many archaeological shows, museums, and books today.

I want to bring to the populace an easy to read text that is technical, but not too technical, and yet very informative.

I have a lifelong passion for archaeology, history, and knowledge, and I enjoy sharing it with people in a way I hope they can understand and will be inspired to learn more.

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