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Book Signing by Cheryl Hicks Settle: 12/13/15

Author, Cheryl Hicks Settle has been writing since she was six years old.  After moving with her family from Coronado, California, where she was born, she began writing and illustrating children books. Now living in Nashville, Tennessee, she sold her books with pictures, for five cents, and the ones without pictures, for three cents. Her dad brought stacks of scrap paper home from work with him and gave to her. She used these squares to write her books. By age 6, she knew she would be a published author one day.  Many times her dad helped her print small amounts of her books that she sold as she was presented various opportunities.

In 1997 Cheryl collaborated with then, photographer, James Sigmon and they published the first edition of Sowing In Silence. Cheryl and James parted ways in business, after having good success with their book. Cheryl went on to publish a small revised edition of the book and James got back into showing horses and having great success!  Cheryl, having health issues that took her new directions, including becoming a Real Estate Agent in St. Louis, Missouri, went on to adopt a beautiful daughter, named Brooke.  She has spent the last 13 years raising her daughter and overcoming many obstacles with her health.

Cheryl Hicks Settle Landmark BooksellersDetermined to re-release Sowing In Silence 101 Ways To Sow Seeds Of Kindness, she began working towards it, only to experience one obstacle after the other, and finally, experienced blindness.  Blind for approximately 4 months, she has undergone three intensive eye surgeries. By God’s grace and kindness she can now see again! She plans to write her story at a later time, but is sharing with you, her first published book, updated and filled with pictures she enjoyed taking after receiving her sight again.

Giving through every obstacle, Cheryl knows, her faith in God to give, no matter what, and how little she possessed, was the secret to overcoming many set-backs, trials and heartaches, believing the Bible verse Isaiah 54:10, stating, “for the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, but God’s kindness will not depart from you.”

Cheryl has flavored her writing by sharing her faith in God’s goodness and kindness. She has over 25 children books, poetry and inspirational books, a couple of novels, and her true story to follow. She is looking forward to sharing her lessons learned with her readers.

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