Local Author Information

Would you like your book on the shelves of Landmark Booksellers?

Landmark Booksellers is happy to support Local Authors! If you’re interested in having your book on the shelf at Landmark Booksellers, take a look at our requirements!

Landmark Booksellers works on a 60/40% split with local authors, with the author receiving 60% of the retail price, and Landmark Booksellers receiving 40%.

When a local author brings a new book to our store, we start by carrying 2-3 copies on consignment, meaning you will be paid after the book has sold.

When we carry books on consignment, we agree to have the books on our shelves for 6 months. After that point, Landmark Booksellers no longer guarantees that the books will remain on the shelf. If the original 2-3 copies are still on our shelf after 6 months, the author can come by and reclaim the books, or the store may donate the books.

We are firmly committed to supporting local authors and introducing our customers to new writers, but we also want to make sure our selection remains fresh and that our shelves are carefully curated and well-stocked with titles our customers are excited to find. We’ve found 6 months to be a good test period. Generally, if a book hasn’t sold after being on our shelf for 6 months, it’s probably not the right fit for our store/customers.

Once your original copies sell, Landmark Booksellers will cut you a check and take another batch. Depending on the speed of the sales we might increase the number we have on hand at one time, but we typically stick with 2-3 copies at a time due to limited shelf/storage space.

After an author sells 10 books on consignment, we’ll transition to paying for the books ahead of time (instead of carrying them on consignment)

If you would like to get started selling your book at Landmark Booksellers, feel free to drop off 2 copies of your book at the store, and be sure to include your mailing address, phone number, and email address so we can send you a check!