Kathleen Davis

Kathleen Davis is a retired teacher of ten years, wife, mother of three, and author.  She has her Master’s in Elementary Education from the University of Florida, and she spent her career searching for and reading good children’s books to her students. She believes that books not only provide a fountain of information, but are also a way to enter a new world and completely change a perspective.

“BRAVE,” her first book, was based on her children’s fears at night.  They were not sleeping well and were waking her up through the night.  She could not find a book that was age appropriate, did not create more fears in children, and reinforced that they were safe and loved.  Six months later, her book was self-published.

“Feathers From Above,” was inspired by Kathleen’s children.  They would find feathers and tell her that their Guardian Angel must have paid them a visit. She knew right away that this would be the framework for her next book.

Kathleen is hoping to encourage children to be brave, know that they are loved, and remember that God is with them through good situations and bad.

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