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Landmark Booksellers was the inspiration for Karen Kingsbury’s book The Bridge that was also released as a Hallmark movie.

The Bridge Karen Kingsbury

After visiting Landmark Booksellers, Franklin resident Karen Kingsbury was inspired to write her New York Times bestselling book The Bridge, 2012. A heartwarming inspirational story based on a bookstore in Franklin, the husband and wife who own it, a young couple from Belmont University who discover love, and a flood that brings them all together. An award winning, two part Hallmark Movie was soon to follow staring Ted McGinley and Faith Ford.

“It has so much heritage and history, and you can feel it in the floorboards and the atmosphere inside,” Kingsbury said of Landmark Booksellers. “I went in and I just loved the charm, history and smell of all of the old books.”

Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury

Author of The Bridge

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