The Battle of Franklin | 152 Years Ago

The Battle of Franklin: 152 Years Ago Today

From Winstead Hill

The once mighty Army of Tennessee was brought to it’s knees in the late afternoon of November 30th, 1864. From Winstead Hill south of Franklin, Lt. Gen. John Bell Hood launched a frontal attack on U.S. Army entrenched troops, that was far worse than Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg the previous year. This 2 mile long frontal assault killed more General Officers than any other battle in American History.

Six generals were killed, including Patrick Cleburne, one of the Confederate army’s finest division commanders. Another five were wounded, one more captured, and 60 of Hood’s 100 regimental commanders were killed or wounded.

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Experience the 2 mile long landscape along Columbia Pike in this Virtual Tour. This battlefield is under constant development†, so this is probably the last imagery of a portion of it about halfway from Winstead Hill to the Carter House.

A full screen option is in the tool bar at the bottom of the panorama. For more virtual tours, visit the

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† the city of Franklin has reclaimed many parcels of core battlefield property, and has plans for adding more.

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