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Book Signing
Wed, Nov 1 | 6:00pm

Dan Moore

Join us on Wednesday, November 1 at 6pm for a special book signing with Dan Moore, author of Control, Influence, Accept (For Now): Coping with a Future No One Can Predict. Through a lighthearted yet purposeful approach, Dan aims to help you nurture your inner self, preparing you for any challenges that might come your way. From selling books door-to-door in the Arizona desert, to trying Portuguese delicacies with his prospective in-laws, Dan shares insights he has gained from his extraordinary life. He demonstrates how personal growth can be your greatest asset when navigating an unpredictable world.

Dan believes that since no one can predict the future, your best preparation lies in the self you cultivate. The positive habits and patterns you create within yourself are crucial to bring along on life’s journey. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this self-reflective adventure with Dan Moore as your guide.

Free event | RSVP required.

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