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Book Signing
Sat, Feb 24 | 11:00am

Felicia Murrell

Join us at Landmark Booksellers on February 24, at 11am to celebrate Author Felicia Murrell and her new book, AND: The Restorative Power of Love In An Either/Or World. This book is an invitation to encounter the lived experience and philosophical musings of another as a human, not as a project or agenda to conquer. Without apology, it embraces humanity and all the emotions, back stories, and history that come along with who we are and who Love is inviting us to be.

More About Felicia’s Book –
Filled with thoughtful prose and poetry, And: The Restorative Power of Love in an Either/Or World is written for those who want to think more deeply, those who are asking questions of how, what, and perhaps even why, and those who want to engage in deep listening and empathy.

Touching on issues of race, body, motherhood, church, and wonder, these writings are from the stirrings of the author’s own soul, extending an invitation to sit with Spirit in the process of mindful meditation, to humbly sit with compassion and curiosity in ways that evoke honesty and healing so that one might move beyond either/or and discover how the restorative power and uniting thread of Love might be stitching each of us to the world and to each other.

Free Event | RSVP encouraged on Facebook or Order Felicia’s book here

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