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Children's Room Reading
Sat, Sep 30 | 11:00am

Susan Johnson Taylor

Join children’s author Susan Johnson Taylor for a special story time event to celebrate the release of her new book, Animals in Surprising Shades!

In this beautifully illustrated book, Taylor presents a thoughtful collection of poems about fascinating and colorful creatures found throughout the world. Learn why the Blue-footed Booby puts on a special dance or how the Picasso Bug uses its masterful chemical defense against predators. Explore simple and fun poetic forms like the tanka, haiku, and quatrain. Just be sure to take good notes! An interactive component rewards practicing poets seeking to challenge themselves further.

Taylor will read from the book and lead a discussion about the animals’ unique colors. She will also answer questions from the young audience.

This event is perfect for children grades 1 – 2.

Debbie Glass Wilburn
Ron Daniels