Erinn Watkins

Erinn Watkins

Master Sergeant (MSG) Erinn Watkins is an accomplished Army Veteran with an impressive military resume spanning nearly 30 years. She was one of the first women to become an Army Pathfinder, she excelled in leadership schools, she went to Army flight school, she helped test and develop important military equipment and programs, and she turned around on the ladder to success to help mentor younger Soldiers on the same path. Now retired, Erinn is proud to be a Pathfinder in a new way – she’s reclaimed her power after a turbulent career and leaned into a new mission: showing others how she survived it all.

Throughout my military career I dealt with a lot of hostility and conflict. I dealt with a lot of toxic people and despite this, I was still very successful. My last few years in the military were … the most mentally challenging thing I had ever experienced. But using my previous experiences, I managed to come out on top. I want to show people how I did this.”

Adding “Author” to an already-impressive resume, Erinn’s new book PathfYnder: How I Use Personal Courage and Emotional Control to Face Fear, Build Success, and Get What I Want takes readers on an illuminating and empowering journey to finding their best selves. Leveraging her own experiences – no story is off limits – Erinn lays the path to navigating hostile work environments, toxic leadership, and more.

Erinn has been showing people the best path to success nearly her entire life. Away from the Army, Erinn is a well-known dance instructor (@PetitePrincess on YouTube), teaching styles like Soul Line Dance, Chicago Steppin’, and more. Her signature style of instruction helps students to learn quickly while still having a great time.

As a 100% disabled Veteran, Erinn spends her time giving back. She joined the American Legion in 2017, served as the Adjutant of Post 202 in North Carolina, and was on the cover of the Legion Magazine in 2018. Most recently, she’s now a Veteran Mentor for the local Veterans Treatment Court. Additionally, she enjoys connecting Veterans with other Veterans through outreach and volunteering in various ways.

Erinn has one son, a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. She is from New Orleans, Louisiana and currently resides in Franklin, Tennessee. You can find her at

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