Paul Pratt Sr.

Truth be told, 50 years from now, Paul Pratt Sr. may not be a familiar name to people living here in Middle Tennessee. But Peytonsville — a place he loves dearly — and the gifted people who shaped its character will certainly enjoy a newfound respect and admiration from Williamson County residents thanks to Mr. Pratt’s tireless efforts.

Two years ago, much to the delight of longtime Williamson County Historian Rick Warwick, Pratt committed himself to researching, writing and publishing a history book on his hometown and its surrounding communities.

Joined by researcher and designer Debbie Smartt, Pratt set out to add yet another volume to the generous collection of local historical works that can always be found in the stacks of our public libraries, displayed prominently in our homes and offered for sale in our local bookstores. The result of his labors is a handsome book, “Looking Back: Peytonsville, Tennessee 200 Years.”

Hannah Pierrou
Ashton Renshaw