Broken Valley

by:  Gregory L. Wade  

Type: Hardcover
The Barker family lives in a remote valley of Tennessee during the Civil War, finding themselves in the chaos of the bloody conflict. Although to many the issues are black and white, the Barkers exist in a world of uncertainty. To protect their homes and lives, they must often reevaluate their beliefs in the midst of life altering upheaval. Their valley neighbors are no different. They also must make quick decisions about loyalty, family, and duty. The Sequatchie Valley is not one of wealth, but it is one of beauty. War threatens at their very doorsteps, and actions have far-reaching and unexpected consequence. Even as the war comes to an end, things are no easier. The country might be under the guise of peace, but conflicts do not cease. The Barker's isolation brings dangerous people to their realm. Externally, they must fight as they heal from the physical and emotional scars of the Civil War. They will persevere, as Americans always have, but at what price?
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