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Subterranean Kerouac: The Hidden Life of Jack Kerouac

by:  Ellis Amburn      
The first biography of Jack Kerouac to portray fully the intense inner life that inspired his work -- by his last editor, the biographer Ellis Amburn

Drawing upon original interviews and his own relationship with Kerouac, Ellis Amburn has revealed an inner Kerouac who has not appeared in any previous biography, a man torn by his conflicting desires and beliefs.

Born to a poor, alcoholic father and a devoutly Catholic mother, Kerouac always struggled with poverty, his drinking, and his doubts about his own lifestyle of substance abuse, indolence, and promiscuity.

Perhaps the greatest of Kerouac's conflicts centered around his sexual relationships with men. While other biographers have only hinted at Kerouac's experiences with men, Amburn addresses these directly, and sheds a new light on their profound impact on a man who remained convinced until his death that his homosexuality was in fact immoral.

Deeply insightful, refreshing, and certainly controversial, Subterranean Kerouac is a necessary book for any Kerouac fan or scholar.

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Subterranean Kerouac: The Hidden Life of Jack Kerouac