Anne Goetze

Anne Goetze

Anne Goetze resides in the rural countryside of middle Tennessee. Her cherished subject matter features the life and landscape of her surroundings, as well as a beloved town in the French Alps of Annecy, where she has documented the beauty of the Contemplative Nuns of the Visitation Order.

Goetze was born into a family of artists and photographers, where the walls of her home offered her consistent visual beauty. Both her father and grandfather were photographers, with her mother instilling a deep love of nature. She also cites her influences to be the documentary photography of Dorothea Lange during the Depression Era, and the paintings of the French and American Impressionists from the late 19th century. Her work in plein air and impressionism offers her complimentary mediums of expression through both photography and painting, as well as a particular technique she developed working over the years as a hand retouch artist, where the two mediums are combined. She has studied with many contemporary artists and friends such as Anton Weiss, Quang Ho and Skip Whitcomb. Anne has also created nature and documentary videos to accompany not only her art, but to be used in efforts for land preservation.

Garnering an understanding by documentation, absorption and reflection of an area, she believes whether it be by our roots, transplanting or just traveling through, that we all share in the connection to God’s Creation. “We all play a part in the same shared relationships of needing a sense of place and a sense of meaning.”

Goetze’s work is found in the permanent collections of the Tennessee State Museum, the Booth Western Art Museum, the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, Breast Cancer Center and Psychiatric Hospitals, as well as many personal collections.

Anne Goetze is a member of the Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, Metro Nashville Arts Commission, and a founding member of The Chestnut Group, a non-profit plein air painters group dedicated to land conservancy. She is a dedicated advocate for the environment, and currently serves on the Advisory Boards for Tennessee Warner Parks and The Chestnut Group.

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