Michelle Shocklee

Michelle Shocklee

I have always loved the written word. As far back as I can remember I’ve enjoyed books.
My mother, an elementary school teacher, read to my four older siblings and me a lot while we grew up in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After I learned to read on my own, books were part of my daily life. When I walk into a bookstore, I take a deep breath, inhaling that wonderful, unique aroma. Ahhh.
(Sorry techies, but ya just can’t do that with a Kindle!)

So it wasn’t a big surprise when I discovered how much I enjoyed writing my own stories. I filled pages of notebooks and eventually computer screens with tales of love, heartbreak, drama and humor. Although I write various genres,
historical settings are my favorite.

When I’m not writing, editing, or dreaming up new stories, my husband and I work as Estate Caretakers, which means we live and work on beautiful private properties and help the owners with just about any need that comes up! We also enjoy spending time at the beach or lake in Texas with our two grown sons.

(Pictured above: Me at the Parthenon in Centennial Park, Nashville, Tennessee, the setting
for my award-winning novel Count the Nights by Stars!)

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